Enterprise marketing automation at a mid-market price

Take your Marketing Automation to the next level

Advanced Marketing Automation empowers brands to produce exceptional customer experiences.

SimplyTarget delivers enterprise grade technology, advanced implementation services and scalable cloud technologies, at an affordable price to allow you to compete effectively.

Is SimplyTarget for you?

We know SimplyTarget isn't for everyone, and that's OK!

It’s for you if...
  • You target different people with different messages
  • You have multiple campaigns at the same time
  • You want to understand your marketing ROI
  • You have multiple ways of talking to customers

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You've probably been working with a good email platform, or one that enables you to create straightforward and simple customer journeys, but you're getting close to the limit of what you can do with the platform.

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It’s not for you if…
  • You deliver static, non personalised content
  • You only use one contact channel (probably email)
  • You measure simple success in clicks or baseline revenue
  • You don't differentiate between types of customer

Can we still help?

Just because SimplyTarget may not be right for you, it doesn't mean that we can't help you achieve more. Reach out if you'd like to know more about the different services and technology solutions that might work for you.

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Shape compelling customer journeys
Build true omnichannel experiences
Make decisions in real-time
Create personalised & relevant content
Optimise marketing spend and ROI
Leverage enterprise & open source power
Designed to scale with you
Your cloud & your data

On-boarding plans

Our on-boarding consultants will work with you to facilitate your learning. Through the use of sound boarding, tools and knowledge-sharing, we’ll get you up and running, quickly. Unlike many other platforms, we don’t expect you to do all the work by yourself. Where appropriate, we’ll make the changes you need to achieve your marketing goals – it’s all part of the service!

While we always tailor scope of work to your specific needs, we have defined a series of standard packages to get you started.

  • Basic
  • 350 hours on-boarding & consulting
  • User & security management
  • Offer & communication management
  • Primary data integration
  • Suppression & target segment setup
  • Campaign design & build strategies
  • Initial marketing optimisation
  • Core marketing planning templates
  • Growth
  • Starter plus...
  • +280 hours on-boarding & Consulting
  • Custom security management
  • Multi-data source configuration
  • Advanced contact & response attribution
  • Data led dynamic email templates
  • Next stage marketing optimisation
  • Bespoke marketing planning templates
  • Scale
  • Growth plus...
  • +280 hours on-boarding & consulting
  • Real-time channel integration
  • Advanced custom macros
  • Additional custom attributes
  • Directory server integration
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Dashboard management

SimplyTarget Features

SimplyTarget is fully functional with only a small amount of setup, but there are a wealth of areas in which you can configure the platform. More importantly it does not need to be done all at once.

Our on-boarding team will work with you to ensure that, not only do you meet your medium term goals, but also have a plan and roadmap for the next big thing, once you have mastered the basics!

Feature Description
Marketing Planning
Marketing Plan Modify your annual marketing planning template, with the information you need
Marketing Programs Build program templates for your different activities in the way you view them, whether it's Q1 or Acquisition
Marketing Campaigns Whether it's a targeted outbound campaign, or above the line advert, define steps, assign tasks and manage the execution your way
Custom Marketing Objects Build custom assets or tools for use in your marketing planning
Custom Forms Build information gathering and tracking forms to facilitate your marketing planning and execution.
Alerts & Notifications Create time and task based notifications
Budget Management Customise marketing campaign budget information
Asset Management Manage and store marketing assets in a single shared location (not the network)
Approvals Build custom approval processes to ensure all activities have been checked and signed off
Marketing Journey
Journey Definition Support to build multi-stage campaign and marketing journeys to meet a defined goal
Contact Touchpoint Configure different touchpoints for your marketing activities
Campaign Setup
Campaign Definition Create custom campaign summary attributes, to ease analysis
Offer/Promotion Definition Create custom offer templates and attributes, to ensure you have all the information you need for fulfilment
Contact Cell Definition Create custom cell attributes to allow easier analysis and execution
Contact Audiences Target, select, segment, contact across your different customer, household and account audiences
Suppression/Inclusion Lists create standard rules based or specific list membership to include or exclude from communications
Custom Contact/Response History Create your own Contact and Response History, to allow you to see exactly how effective your campaign has been
Pre-Processing Create data preparation activities to get things ready for the day (out of hours)
Scheduling Configure schedules for standard data processing and one off events
Triggers Create inbound and outbound to triggers to run data analysis jobs, exports and other activities
Campaign Build Support
Campaign Template Design Build full or partial campaign templates to accelerate campaign delivery
Stored Derived Fields Create pre-defined calculations to speed up repeated tasks
Stored Custom Macros Perform complex tasks and processes, quickly and easily to minimise risk and maximise accuracy
Data Management Configure one or many customer, event or transaction data sources for use with your campaign activities
Marketing Optimisation
Complex Marketing Optimisation Build complex marketing optimisation rules and processes to maximise your ROI
Rules Definition Create custom rules to ensure you deliver the right thing to the right people
Custom Scoring Typical optimization focusses on highest aggregate response rate, but you might prefer profit maximisation, revenue or something else
Tuning Whilst the out of the box marketing optimisation algorithm is normally enough, additional tweaks can be applied
Real-Time Decisioning
Real-Time Channel Setup Every channel that a customer interacts with, has the potential to make decisions and serve offers
Real-Time Decision Trees Creating process and workflows that deliver relevant and context sensitive offers to your channels
Single and Multi Event Define tracking that allows you to look at events over multiple sessions, such as repeat product viewing
Designing for scale Optimize your configuration for high intensity decisioning
Offer Presentation Rules Create rules and processes that force or suppress offer presentations to customers and prospects
Learning Engine Configure the in-built learning engine to make better decisions about what to present to whom and when
Email Design
Message Template Setup Work with your design team to create standard email templates using your content
Standard Attribute Setup Configure a suite of standard email fields for use in your email, fed directly by your campaigns
Conditional Content Create customer data driven content, that creates real engagemnet with your customers
Email Design Analysis Do your emails look as good in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iOS or raw text, understand what works and what doesn't
Transactional Messaging Configure transactional messaging templates and scripts to allow third party systems to send marketing emails
Landing Page Setup Create custom landing pages, using the same one to one personalisation
Email Scripting Create fully dynamic and variable email templates that adjust to meet your data or business needs
Inbox Monitoring Understand if your emails are reaching the inbox, are particular domains problematic? How do we restore your email reputation?
Reporting & Analysis
Dashboard Setup Configure the relevant dashboard(s for you and your teams, presenting the relevant information to them
Custom Attribute Reporting Include Custom Attributes in your reports to really understand your successes, in your terms.
Multi-Audience Reporting If you contact multiple audiences, then configure your reports to reflect those changes
User & Security
User Definition Create users and assign different access rights
Password Management Custom rules for password definitions and management
User Roles Create custom user roles for your business
Permission Management Granular controls for feature access and role based access
Directory Server Integrate with LDAP or web access control servers
SSL Configure SSL certifications
Currency Format Configure for your local currency formats
Date Format Configure for local date formats
Language Support Configure for local language and character support (where available)
Other Services
Custom Integration Bespoke configuration and setup of integrations with internal and external systems
Advanced Application Management We elevate our application management to full operational systems management, performing housekeeping and BAU system maintenance activities
Full Campaign Build Don't have the time or resources to do this well? Our campaign delivery team take the challenge of execution away, so you can focus on planning and strategy

Launch. Optimise. Scale

To deliver a successful marketing solutions implementation, it helps when you have done it before. We’ve delivered solution deployments across many different technologies and industries and we’ll apply our more than 250 years of collective experience to your on-boarding.

Questions and issues don’t just disappear after ‘Go Live’ so we back you up with ongoing Application Management, helping you get the very best out of your investment, now and into the future.

Our consulting and on-boarding services help you understand the full capabilities of SimplyTarget with a schedule of works and approach to suit your unique requirements.


Conversations about pricing shouldn't be difficult, particularly when it can be an important factor in your decision.

That’s why we’ve decided to make it easy and put you in control. To see an estimate of your monthly costs, simply use the sliders and switches to tweak core features and volumes important for you. Not sure what something means? Click the for more information and how we use it.

How many users do you have?
Platform Users


A user is someone that can log into the system and do something.

You start with 4 users and full access to the whole system. However, there might be other members to be involved in planning activities or compliance processes. Each user role can have very granular access to different parts of the system, meaning only those people with the right permissions can access your data, strategies or campaigns.

How many emails do you send to them per month?
per month

Email Sends

Approximately how many emails do you send to the average customer or prospect?

Your customer expect highly targeted and personalised content. SimplyTarget's email messaging capability allows you to create unique email experiences for every customer, with the offers and messages that are relevant to them.

You start off with 12 million, that's roughly 4 emails per month for 250k customers.

How many unique journeys could a customer be in each year?
journeys per customer per year


A journey is a series of steps that you take a customer through to achieve a specific objective or goal.

You may have a series of customer or prospect journeys that you take customers through during their time with you, these are also sometimes called programs. These often include acquisition journeys, new customer welcome journeys, cross sell journeys and winback. We count each unique journey that customer will run through in a year, one time. For example, if you use the same post-purchase customer satisfaction journey multiple times for the same customer, we only need to count it once. If you use a different customer-satisfaction journey for each product category, then they need to be counted separately.

You will initially start with 12 million unique customer journeys per annum, which allows for up to 48 uniques customer journeys per year (based on 250k customers)

How many customers and prospects do you have?
k customers

Customers & Prospects

Customers & Prospects are the people you talk to.

Every SimplyTarget instance starts with up to 250k contacts. In this pricing we assume that you'll have fewer than 1 million potential target contacts, but contact us if you have more. Use the sliders move up in blocks of 250k until you hit the right approximate numbers.

How many times would someone visit your inbound channels?
time(s) per month

Inbound Channel Visits

An inbound channel visit means the point at which someone comes to one of our channels and we might want to present a tailored offer.

Thinking about your inbound customer/prospect touch points, such as website, call centres, apps etc. How often would someone visit and need a bespoke, context relevant offer presented to them? This could be every time they log into their "My Account" page or just when they have been looking at specific pages.

You start with 12 million per annum, which is enough for 3-4 visits per month with 250k customers.

How much support will you need?


There are a number of different features to the SimplyTarget platform, our goal is to ensure you are able to make the best use of the platform at the right time. If you're just getting started with marketing automation we'd normally recommend "Starter", if you're looking for advanced segmentation, real-time decisioning, marketing optimisation and planning, you might want to consider "Scale". For everybody else, you're somewhere in between with "Growth".

Select your preferred currency

AU$ 12998.48

per month

plus AU$ 34662.6 initial on-boarding
based on a two-year initial term

EU€ 8235.68

per month

plus EU$ 21961.8 initial on-boarding
based on a two-year initial term

GB£ 7243.43

per month

plus GB£ 19315.8 initial on-boarding
based on a two-year initial term

US$ 9922.5

per month

plus US$ 26460 initial on-boarding
based on a two-year initial term
Do you target LinkedIn Connections?

LinkedIn Connector

Increasingly B2B marketers are using the power of LinkedIn for communications. The LinkedIn connector uploads contact information into an existing audience or new audience in LinkedIn and regularly polls to gather results of the segmentation.

Do you contact Facebook Followers?

Facebook Connector

Facebook continues to be the most adopted social media platform for B2C marketers. The Facebook connector allows to you to target Facebook audiences with SimplyTarget and to upload contact information into an existing/new audience list in Facebook.

Do you use Twilio for SMS?

Twilio Connector

Email is not the only channel and whilst SimplyTarget can output data to most data sources, you might want to send SMS directly from your marketing campaigns. The Twilio connector sends SMS to a destination device and fetches the status of the sent SMS.

Are you using Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM Connector

Salesforce is the worlds most commonly used CRM platform. The Salesforce CRM connector allows you to work directly with your Salesforce data from within the platform. Seamless integration allows you kick off journeys or out targets depending on your needs.

Check if your email hits the inbox?

Inbox Deliverability

Managing email deliverability is core to your success as an email marketer. It's not always as simple as managing hard bounce, and unsubscribes though, sometimes email provuiders move the goal paosts and your job is to spot that as soon as you can.

Inbox Deliverability monitoring allows you to assess whether your emails are hitting the inbox, or hitting spam traps. Used alongside your biggest campaigns, you can quick spot if one domain is putting you email reputation at risk, allowing you to take action quickly. With 720 campaign tracks per year, there is no exuse not to be on top of your domain deliverability.

Confirm your emails always look good?

Email Preview Tool

Not all email clients are the same. A large industry has built up to help businesses design and create emails that work in the majority of email platforms.

The email preview tool gives you the ability to see how your beautiful email will render in the most common email clients, including MS Outlook (desktop and web), Gmail, Notes, iOS mail and many many more. With over 50,000 email previews a year included, you can try, test, fix again and again, until your content is perfect.

Need something else? A different CRM, use a local SMS provider or something completely bespoke. Drop us details in the message below and we'll see what we can do!

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SimplyTarget by Purple Square

At Purple Square we have worked with our enterprise technology partners to create SimplyTarget.

Purple Square are one of the worlds leading Marketing Automation Technology consultancies, supporting organisations across a wide range of sizes and industries. Our firmly held belief is that technology alone will not deliver success or maximise your ROI, and that our role is to ensure the success of our clients’ business objectives. We do this by ensuring the right services and solutions are deployed at the right time, to meet their specific needs.

We work alongside the worlds leading Marketing Automation technology vendors (Acoustic, Adobe, HCL Unica & Salesforce), to deliver successful Marketing Automation programs that deliver real value for our clients and marketing services partners.

From the outset, Purple Square’s objective has always been to be recognised as the most focussed, independent, trusted and transparent enterprise marketing automation experts for our clients and partners. With SimplyTarget our goal is to extend this capability to more organisations, those that aspire to achieve more, but are often limited by the availability of marketing platforms designed to scale with them.

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